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Please vote "NO" on SB 1155 and SB 1244!


Please take a moment to click the "Take Action" button to the right and send a message to your State Senator asking that they vote "NO" on SB 1155 & SB 1244! 

Senate Bill 1155 (T. Cullerton) on Landlord Licensing, and Senate Bill 1244 (Link) on Affordable Housing Recordation Fees, are both OPPOSED by the Illinois Association of REALTORS.  

Please vote "NO" on SB 1155 & SB 1244

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a member of the Illinois Association of REALTORS, I respectfully ask that you vote "NO" on SB 1155 (T. Cullerton) & SB 1244 (Link). Both bills would have significant negative impact on the real estate community.

Senate Bill 1155

The bill allows all non-home-rule counties and municipalities to enact landlord licensing and crime free housing ordinances. (HB 2437-McAsey is a similar bill in the House).

There are about 43 home rule municipalities that currently have such ordinances. Our local members have had serious issues with some of these ordinances. The IAR has proposed reasonable alternatives to this proposal, and have called for a single, state-wide standard for ALL local governments, but that concept has been rejected.

SB 1155 is a broad grant of authority, in that it allows all counties and municipalities to enact broad "crime free rental housing" ordinances, which may include but is not limited to the following:

- Requiring that landlords obtain a "license" in order to rent property. This is our biggest problem with the bill. This enables local governments to simply tell landlords crime problems are their problem, and they will put the landlord out of business if the problem is not dealt with. In short, landlords cannot solve crime issues on their own, and this approach encourages a hostile relationship between local governments, landlords and tenants. Tenant groups strongly oppose this legislation as well for this reason.

- Requiring a "public safety and crime prevention inspection." We don't object to life safety inspections, which all local governments can already do, but we have concerns with what a "crime prevention inspection" really means.

-Requiring landlords to take a "crime prevention" training class. Landlords shouldn't have to take a different class in every municipality they operate within.

- Requiring a "crime free housing" lease addendum in all leases; this is already required pursuant to Section 9-120 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

- Requiring landlords to conduct a background check on tenants prior to entering/renewing a lease.

Senate Bill 1244 (HB 2255-Osmond is an identical bill in the House)

- Authorizes Lake County Only to impose a $3 surcharge on the recordation of any "real estate related document" (there may be several in any one real estate transaction) in order to establish a Lake County affordable housing trust fund.

- In short, our view is "enough is enough", even though the proponents argue "it's only another $3 per document." We already impose numerous fees on real estate, aside from property taxes, including a real estate transfer tax to fund a state affordable housing trust fund (which local governments can access), and a $10 surcharge for the state Rental Housing Support Program (which locals also benefit from. In addition, there are numerous other federal and state assistance programs that can be accessed.

We fundamentally disagree with the concept of addressing housing affordability by increasing the cost of housing with more fees!

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