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Please ask your State Representative to vote "NO" on SB 1244!

Senate Bill 1244 has passed the Senate and will be coming up for a vote in the House of Representatives.


Please take a moment to click the "Take Action" button to the right and send a message to your State Representative asking that they vote "NO" on SB 1244!


Senate Bill 1244 (Osmond / Link), which would create an additional fee on recorded documents in Lake County, is OPPOSED by the Illinois Association of REALTORS. 

Please vote "NO" on SB 1244

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a member of the Illinois Association of REALTORS, I respectfully ask that you vote "NO" on SB 1244 (Osmond / Link). This bill would have significant negative impact on the real estate community.

Senate Bill 1244 authorizes Lake County only to impose an additional surcharge on the recordation of any "real estate related document" (there may be several in any one real estate transaction) in order to establish a Lake County affordable housing trust fund.

In short, our view is "enough is enough", even though the proponents argue "it's only another couple of dollars per document." We already impose numerous fees on real estate, aside from property taxes, including a real estate transfer tax to fund a state affordable housing trust fund (which local governments can access), and a $10 surcharge for the state Rental Housing Support Program (which locals also benefit from). In addition, there are numerous other federal and state assistance programs that can be accessed.

We fundamentally disagree with the concept of addressing housing affordability by increasing the cost of housing with more fees!

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